Naughty Dog Stealing Bliss

I’m not usually one to pet shame…h o w e v e r…
While I was working in the office, doing some long overdue scanning. Sailor decided to dash out with a roll of toilet paper. Apparently, he already stole two rolls. Not off the rack either, he opened the cabinet door and took them out of storage.

He was pretty pleased with himself until Tim caught him red-pawed with the third roll, which was saved in the nick of time. Although, it does have some puncture holes for a breezy fresh clean . Careful where you put your fingers.

So here you have it, a teenage boy up to no good with toilet paper.

Sailor TP'd the yard and house. Classic teenager.

Sailor TP’d the yard and house. Classic teenager.


Whimsday Bliss – Fun With T-Shirts

Tim, The Forester Artist, Ivy Smith, and I were at the Shasta Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Run for the Wild fund-raiser over the weekend.
We had a lot of fun talking with kids and signing books. Of course we all posed for a picture. Unbeknownst to us, our T-shirts spelled out a message all their own!
Shasta Wildlife Rescue’s Run for the Wild was a great success, so life looks, good, good, good! What, not what you thought?

Shasta Wildlife Rescue fundraiser.

Mary A Livingston, Tim Livingston and Ivy Smith all donate time to raise funds for Shasta Wildlife Rescue.

It’s…Fasten Your Seat Belt Friday!


I’m guest blogger today at RhyPiBoMo! Come on over and check it out…

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It’s Fasten Your Seat Belt Friday!



What does that mean? Well, we are 6 days in and it’s not going to get any easier!  Poetry is not for the weak of heart!


I’m sure, at this point, some of you are reconsidering your choice to be here and that’s okay. These lessons are time consuming and involved if you are doing absolutely everything offered here. I don’t expect that you are, nor should you expect that of yourself. You should make it what works for you.


I felt your same frustration weeks ago when I began writing these lessons. I promise they are as tight as I could get them and still give a full explanation of the concepts. We won’t even talk about all the exceptions to the rules! Think of RhyPiBoMo as a buffet…take what you like, try a few things you’ve never tasted…

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Whimsday Bliss – Body Language

I’ve always found body language of informal portraits to be interesting. Even with animals, how they hold themselves says a lot.


Kinta (7 months) and Sailor (19 months) are competitive young males and not inclined to share the limelight.


When a pretty girl joins in, they cooperate. Thanks to Blitz for making the shot!


Stalking Butterflies

I wrapped up Kinta stalking butterflies. Try as he might to catch them, the pipevine swallowtails were too quick for him. He is now six months old, a gawky age for a pup. His rabies titer is done and he will be clear to go home in September. We’re going to miss him around here. He’s full of play and snuggles.

Stalking Butterflies

Stalking Butterflies